Worth the Wait

Why we sell our Grass-fed beef in batches

Spring grassfed cows

A frequent question we receive is, “Why can't I order my beef right now?”.

The primary reason we don't have beef available to order year-round (but in late Spring, Summer, and Fall) is that truly pasture-raised beef is of a higher quality if the beef is butchered on the gain - off fresh, natural pasture. Our animals are fed a 100% grass fed diet their entire life and are supplemented with high quality grass and legume hay in the winter months. Nonetheless, the animal is at its peak condition after months of fresh pasture.

Every step of how we raise our animals is with the animal and the customer in mind. The tenderest beef is produced by timing butchering for June through November, sometimes very early December. By planning your beef supply for these months, you can assure you have the best quality meat available. It's worth the wait.

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