Here is the list of the ordering process for our natural Grass Fed Beef:

  1. Reserve your beef by sending in your order deposit online.

  2. The butcher comes and butchers your beef.

  3. We put your name on a specific portion of beef and give the butcher your contact information.

  4. The butcher will weigh your portion of beef on arrival and provide us both with the weight so we can calculate your bill with us, and send that to you.

  5. The butcher will usually contact you within a few days to a week to get your cutting preferences. Or you can call Ward’s Custom Meat Cutting at (360) 687-5225 to give them instructions. For example: if you want a lot of ground beef, but don't want round steak, you may want your round steak to be ground into ground beef. Or you may want 1.5 lb ground beef packages instead of 1 lb ones, or different roast beef sizes, some people like prime rib instead of rib steak, etc...

  6. The butcher will age the beef in their cooler for about 1-2 weeks before they cut it to bring out the tenderness and flavor.

  7. You will need to pay your remaining balance with us, before you can pick up your meat from the butcher.

  8. The butcher will let you know when your meat is ready, and you can come pick it up. You pay the processing costs to the butcher when you pick up the meat from them. If you want Heart or Liver, be sure to ask them for it when you pick up your meat as it will not automatically be included. If you are an Oregon resident, please be sure to bring your Drivers License and ask the butcher to remove any sales tax from your processing bill.

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