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Premium Grass-fed Beef still available as of

Questions? Not sure how to have it cut? Not sure how much to order? Just e-mail us, or give us a call and we will be glad to help give advice and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact me directly for any current promotions or discounts.  
Jon Schoenborn
Phone:1 (360) 601-5918

  • December Beef Deposit- At Wards Custom Meat Cutting

    Reserve your beef share today using our website! Add this product to the cart, and send in your deposit. This is for selecting Ward's Custom Meat Cutting as the butcher and only for our December beef batch.  Pricing information is listed further down on this order page.

  • EXTRA Soup Bone Share $20

    5-6 pound bag of grass fed beef soup bones. $20 per bag/share

    You'll get soup bones with a regular beef order, but many people either run out or need extra.

    Available to pick up from Battle Ground, WA M-F 10 AM to 5 PM.  We will e-mail you with pick up details.


Please contact us for availability of grass fed Cow Tail $6 each, grass fed Cow Tongue $10 each, grass fed beef liver $3.00 per 1 lbs package, grass fed beef heart $20 each.

Pricing for Fall 2019

One Quarter Beef: One Half Beef: One Whole Beef:
Weight Range: 130-190 lbs Weight Range: 260-380 lbs Weight Range: 520-760 lbs
Average Weight Estimate: 155 lbs Average Weight Estimate: 310 lbs Average Weight Estimate: 620 lbs
Average Cost: $793 (w/ processing included) Average Cost: $1539 (w/ processing included) Average Cost: $2828 (w/ processing included)
Deposit Required: $250 Deposit Required: $500 Deposit Required: $1000
Hanging Weight Price: $4.15 /lb Hanging Weight Price: $4.05 /lb Hanging Weight Price: $3.65 /lb
Processing Cost: $.80 / lb + $25.00 Processing Cost: $.75 / lb + $50.00 Processing Cost: $.75 / lb + $100.00


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