Waygu/Angus Cross Beef.  $8.99 per hanging weight pound, plus $1.00 per pound and $45 per quarter beef for the butcher's processing costs.  We expect quarters to be somewhere near 150 lbs hanging weight.  So a 150 lbs hanging weight quarter would cost approximately $1550 Total including the butchers costs.  From a 150 lbs hanging weight, after trim loss from the butcher, you should net around 100 pounds of finished beef.

Reserve your beef share today using our website! Add this product to the cart, and send in your deposit. This is for selecting Ward's Custom Meat Cutting as the butcher and only for our November 2023 Waygu/Angus Cross beef batch.  These are special animals with extreme marbling.  They are grass fed and finished beef animals that are genetically half Angus, and half Japanese Waygu.  Japanese Waygu are known for their marbling traits and amazing tenderness.  By cross breeding these two amazing breeds, it produces a high quality and unique beef product, at a much lower price than the cost of straight Japanese Waygu beef. 

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