How is a quarter beef divided? Do I get the front or back of the half beef?

Quarters are actually a half of a half, they are not the front or back section. So when you order a quarter beef, you will get a half portion of each cut that would be in a half beef. It's a fair division of a half beef.

How much freezer space will I need to store my beef?

A half beef will take up approximately 10 cubic feet of freezer space and a quarter will use around 5 cubic feet of space. The typical kitchen fridge freezer compartment has about 5 cubic feet space- so a quarter beef can fit in there, if you use all the space and pack it efficiently.

Who does the cut and wrap and how is the meat packed?

Ward's Custom Meat Cutting, in Battle Ground, WA (360) 687-5225, is a great local business, and does all our meat processing. They age the beef to bring out the best flavor and tenderness. All the beef is vacuum packed in thick clear plastic. All of the cuts are also labeled with the name of the cut. This method is so good at sealing the meat, that freezer burn just does not happen. Typically the meat tastes fresh for a year or more!

How much beef will I end up with after it is cut and packaged by the butcher?

When you purchase your share of a live beef animal from us, we have to sell it to you based on the “hanging weight”, which is the weight of the beef when it arrives at the local butcher shop, just after butchering.

The butcher will dry age the beef (for between 1-2 weeks), and then cut and wrap the beef according to your cutting instructions. After the butcher removes bones and any extra fat or trim from the dry aging process, the net weight you end up with should be about 65% of the hanging weight. So although it will vary, if the hanging weight of a quarter beef is 160 lbs, the net weight of the beef you put in your freezer should be approximately 104 lbs.

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