Many people ask me, why do you sell your beef only during two times periods per year?  Why sell beef in June/July, and then again in October/November?  Well, there are two main reasons.  First of all, it corresponds to the age of the cattle being harvested, since we have half of our beef born in the Fall each year, and half born in the Spring.  Second of all, we want to finish our beef on live pasture for the best nutrition and flavor to end up in the in the beef that you buy.  Even if we feed the best hay possible, live green pasture is always superior to hay for the best nutrition.  

    Because we have lots of pasture land per cow, there are some years with enough rain at the right times, where we are able to feed our cows exclusively on pasture all the way through the grazing season until it gets very cold and wet later in November.  But, most years there are at least two or three weeks in late August or early September, where we need to supplement our cows with great grass and clover hay grown locally.  Even though it has been a really dry season this year, this week it looks like we are getting more than enough rain to start our Fall pastures going strong!  So we look forward to seeing green pastures once again very soon.  In the meantime our cows have been enjoying fantastic green grass and clover hay!

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