It's going to be a very busy year for your local rancher! The time has come for us to build a much larger barn to help give us the capacity to store hay for our growing beef herd. To do this, I need to take down two older barns and salvage as much of the lumber and materials as possible, as well as invest in a lot of new materials. Here are pictures of the first barn that I'm already in the process of taking down as well as the surrounding fields on that property. This is a leased property right down the road from our house, and the barn was about to collapse and was getting to be a danger. The landowner was happy for me to take the barn down and remove the safety hazard. So far I've collapsed the barn so that the second level of the barn now rests on the ground, and I've taken the old metal off of the roof. I hope to be finished taking down this old barn in the next week. Most of the main 2 X 6 structural lumber in this barn is still in great shape, and so I am planning on salvaging that lumber to use in the construction of our new barn in the coming months. It's sad to have to take down this barn as it was really beautiful to look at. My next step is to take apart the roof rafters and save that lumber. Notice how beautiful this property is! At the same time as I'm taking apart this old barn, we are just at the point of bringing some of our cows out to this property to eat this wonderful pasture.

In the coming months, I'll try and take some time and give you more updates on the progress of the construction of our new barn. I hope to get most of it done in the next two months, and if possible, have some of the roof done before haying season. But it will take more than a year to finish the new barn.

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