Here are some photos of our Fall 2014 field planting project. This is nearly 15 acres of field that was badly in need of replanting. Much of it had turned to weeds or was just not very productive grass. We tilled it this Fall and replanted it with a pasture mix of Fawn Fescue, Orchard Grass, Perennial Ryegrass, Red Clover, and White Clover. Not only will the mix of grasses and clover be productive and tasty for our cattle, but the clover will become a natural nitrogen factory. As the clover does its work, it will begin to infuse nitrogen into the soil that the grass can make use of. Often times the clay soil in our area tends to lock up the nitrogen and make it difficult for the grass to access it. Rather than use chemical fertilizer, or have to transport manure to this remote field, planting clover in with the grass, is the perfect solution. We will post more pictures of this field as it becomes tall and thick with green grass and clover next Spring- even without using any fertilizer! The cows will have to wait to graze this field until most likely June 2015, when the roots have thickened enough and the ground is dry and firm enough to let them walk in there.

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