• Why we wait until October and November to harvest our Fall Beef- Fall 2018

    Cows grazing on green Fall Pastures

    Many people ask me, why do you sell your beef only during two times periods per year?  Why sell beef in June/July, and then again in October/November?  Well, there are two main reasons.  First of all, it corresponds to the age of the cattle being harvested, since we have half of our beef born in the Fall each year, and half born in the Spring.  Second of all, we want to fini

  • Spring Calving and Concrete Floor- March 2018

    Cows and Calves in the calving field

    Today we moved the new calves, Moms, and soon to calve Moms to the close-in field by the house. And, recently poured a second concrete floor in the barn for increased loafing and feeder areas, and protection from bad weather during calving.

  • Grass fed Cows Depend on growing the best Pasture possible- July 2017

    Being a grass fed beef rancher means planting and growing a lot of grass and clover pasture for the cows. The goal for our beef pasture is to create a pasture that has a "salad bar" of different grasses and legumes (such as white and red clover).
  • My Little Ranch Helper- April 2017

       It has been so nice to have an enthusiastic helper that likes to go out with me to all the cattle fields and cattle that we take care of.  He's great at opening and closing gates, helping me bring in stray cows, fetching tools, fixing fences, etc...  He is so curious and interested in everything we see and wants to learn about it all.

  • Spring Pastures and Moving Cows - Spring 2015

    Cows on Spring Pasture

      The Pastures have been fantastic this Spring.  Lots of years of work replanting these fields, and manure spreading, combined with pefect weather for growing grass, has resulted in excellent forage production for the cows.  Here are some pictures of Cows and pastures, and a short video of just how easy it is to move cows into a new section of field.

  • Barn Project 2014 and 2015

    Top roof done

     Update 5/5/2015-  We now have the top center roof and back wall completely done, and we are about to finish the lower sides of the roof.  So we are almost ready for Hay!   

  • Fall Pasture Planting Project - Oct 2014

    New Pasture on November 6th with Neighbors Barn

    Here are some photos of our Fall 2014 field planting project. This is nearly 15 acres of field that was badly in need of replanting. Much of it had turned to weeds or was just not very productive grass. We tilled it this Fall and replanted it with a pasture mix of Fawn Fescue, Orchard Grass, Perennial Ryegrass, Red Clover, and White Clover.

  • Spring Projects and Pastures - April 2014

    Spring Field ready for Cows to graze

    It's going to be a very busy year for your local rancher! The time has come for us to build a much larger barn to help give us the capacity to store hay for our growing beef herd. To do this, I need to take down two older barns and salvage as much of the lumber and materials as possible, as well as invest in a lot of new materials.

  • Spring Fence Project - May 2013

    Checking on the herd.

    The fence and clearing project on our new leased land near the Heisson Store in Battle Ground, WA is finally done! We finished the final section of fence and moved cattle onto this place at the end of the day on May 29th! For me, it’s been well over two and a half straight months of clearing out small trees and old fences, setting posts and stringing over ¾ of a mile of new fence.

  • New Pasture Land - March 2013

    Old Barn- New Pasture

    This is the new pasture land that we leased earlier this year. It's pretty amazingly beautiful already, but it's going to require a lot of hours of work to get it ready for our cattle. So far I've been hand clearing the property boundaries with a chain saw. Next comes building about 3/4 of a mile of new barb wire fencing, and putting in a few gates.

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